Competition entry for Pop-up @ the Square, Victoria, Canada, 2017

Roy Cloutier, Pengfei Du, Jennifer Leung, Nicole Sylvia, Daichi Yamashita, Lőrinc Vass

Game/Changer is a reconfigurable playscape for Victoria’s Centennial Square that catalyzes a diversity of activities for people of all ages. The installation comprises a series of modular components of various shapes and sizes and is designed to accommodate a wide range of playful engagements between friends and strangers alike. The pieces function as obstacles, game boards, and giant play tokens by grouping or rearranging—or leaving it up to chance!—to create distinct spatial formations that perform on their own or enhance the recurring events and festival programming taking place on the square. In this way, Centennial Square becomes a dynamic playing board that provides different possibilities with each visit, delighting the imagination. Game/Changer also marks Canada’s sesquicentennial with its one hundred and  fifty components, and commemorates the rich history and present-day life of the square through an assortment of site-specific words from Lekwungen, Mandarin, English and French languages.

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